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Organization object

This object represents an organization.


"organization": {
"name": "Name1",
"created_at": "2022-05-02T13:04:09Z",
"webhook_url": "https://test-example.example",
"country": "CZ",
"address_line1": "address1",
"address_line2": null,
"state": "state1",
"zipcode": "10000",
"email": "",
"city": "city125",
"legal_name": null,
"legal_number": null,
"billing_configuration": {
"invoice_footer": "footer custom",
"vat_rate": 15.0
name     String     Not nullOrganization name.
created_at     String     Not null    
ISO 8601 datetime in UTC
Date of organization creation.
webhook_url     StringWebhook URL.
country     StringValid country alpha-2 code.
address_line1     StringAddress first line.
address_line2     StringAddress second line.
state     StringOrganization state.
zipcode     StringOrganization zipcode.
email     StringBusiness email.
city     StringOrganization city.
legal_name     StringOrganization legal name.
legal_number     StringOrganization legal number.

Billing Configuration Object

invoice_footer     StringCustom footer used in invoices.
vat_rate     FloatVAT rate used in fees.