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Wallet transaction object

This object represents a wallet transaction object.


"wallet_transaction": {
"lago_id": "b7ab2926-1de8-4428-9bcd-779314ac1111",
"lago_wallet_id": "12345",
"status": "settled",
"transaction_type": "inbound",
"amount": "10.0",
"credit_amount": "10.0",
"settled_at": "2022-04-29T08:59:51Z",
"created_at": "2022-04-29T08:59:51Z"
lago_id     String     Not nullUnique identifier of the wallet transaction in Lago application.
lago_wallet_id     String     Not nullInternal Lago wallet ID.
status     String     Not null
Possible values
- pending
- settled
transaction_type     String     Not null
Transaction type.
Possible values
- inbound (increasing balance)
- outbound (decreasing balance)
credit_amount     String     Not nullCredits amount.
amount     String     Not nullAmount based on rate and currency.
created_at     String     Not null    
ISO 8601 datetime in UTC
Date of wallet transaction creation.
settled_at     String
ISO 8601 datetime in UTC
Date the transaction was settled.