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Add-ons allow you to apply a one-off fee to a customer. When you apply an add-on to a customer, it is invoiced immediately and eligible for collection straight away.

For instance, add-ons can be used to apply one-time fees, such as a setup fee, one-time payment or customer success fee.


The value of a coupon is not deducted from an add-on. For more information, please review the coupons application scope.

Create add-ons

To create an add-on through the user interface:

  1. Access the "Add-ons" section via the side menu;
  2. Click "Add an add-on";
  3. Choose a name, a code and a description (optional) for your add-on;
  4. Define its value and currency; and
  5. Click "Add add-on" to confirm.

Assign an add-on to a customer

Here is what you should know about add-ons:

  • If the currency of the customer is already defined, the currency of the add-on must be the same; and
  • You can apply an add-on to a customer as many times as you want.

To apply an add-on to a customer:

  1. Select a customer from the list;
  2. Click "Actions" in the upper-right corner and select "Apply add-on";
  3. Select an add-on from the list; and
  4. Click "Apply add-on" to confirm.

Obviously, you can also apply add-ons via the API (learn more).

Application scope

Add-ons are one-off fees that are invoiced immediately. You can apply the same add-on to a customer as many times as you want.

When assigning an add-on to a customer, you can change the amount and currency.


This allows you to apply the same add-on to several customers whose subscriptions don't have the same currency, or to apply a different amount for one of these customers.

When using the API endpoint, if the amount and currency are null, Lago will apply the default amount and currency defined in the UI.

Edit and delete add-ons

In the add-ons section, you can click the ellipsis icon to see all available actions:

  1. Edit: allows you to modify the name, code, description and settings of the add-on;
  2. Delete: allows you to delete the add-on and remove it from the list (this action cannot be undone).

You cannot edit or delete an add-on if it has been applied to a customer.


As mentioned previously, an add-on is invoiced straight away. You are able to find an assigned add-on through webhook with webhook_type = invoice.add_on_added.

When assiging an add-on to a customer, an invoice is generated immediately. Please note that:

  1. Add-ons are subject to taxes, as defined in the customer view; and
  2. Coupons cannot be deducted from the amount of the add-on.