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A fee is a line item in an invoice. There are two types of fees:

  • Subscription fees that correspond to the base amount of the plan; and
  • Charge fees that correspond to usage-based charges (i.e. the costs associated with each billable metric).

Information about fees includes (but is not limited to):

  • Type;
  • Amount;
  • Currency; and
  • Taxes.

The fee object is embedded in the invoice object, as illustrated below.

Fee object as shown in the invoice object
"webhook_type": "invoice.created",
"object_type": "invoice",
"invoice": {
"lago_id": "5eb02857-a71e-4ea2-bcf9-57d3a41bc6ba",
"sequential_id": 2,
"from_date": "2022-04-01",
"to_date": "2022-04-30",
"charges_from_date": "2022-04-01",
"issuing_date": "",
"amount_cents": 100,
"amount_currency": "EUR",
"vat_amount_cents": 20,
"vat_amount_currency": "EUR",
"total_amount_cents": 120,
"total_amount_currency": "EUR",
"customer": {
"lago_id": "99a6094e-199b-4101-896a-54e927ce7bd7",
"external_id": "5eb02857-a71e-4ea2-bcf9-57d3a41bc6ba",
"address_line1": "5230 Penfield Ave",
"address_line2": null,
"city": "Woodland Hills",
"country": "US",
"created_at": "2022-04-29T08:59:51Z",
"email": "dinesh@piedpiper.test",
"legal_name": "Coleman-Blair",
"legal_number": "49-008-2965",
"logo_url": "",
"name": "Gavin Belson",
"phone": "1-171-883-3711 x245",
"state": "CA",
"url": "",
"vat_rate": 20.0,
"zipcode": "91364"
"subscription": {
"lago_id": "b7ab2926-1de8-4428-9bcd-779314ac129b",
"lago_customer_id": "99a6094e-199b-4101-896a-54e927ce7bd7",
"external_customer_id": "5eb02857-a71e-4ea2-bcf9-57d3a41bc6ba",
"canceled_at": "2022-04-29T08:59:51Z",
"created_at": "2022-04-29T08:59:51Z",
"plan_code": "new_code",
"started_at": "2022-04-29T08:59:51Z",
"status": "active",
"terminated_at": null
"fees": [
"item": {
"type": "subscription",
"code": "plan_code",
"name": "Plan"
"amount_cents": 100,
"amount_currency": "EUR",
"vat_amount_cents": 20,
"vat_amount_currency": "EUR"