There are few types of fees:

  • Subscription fees that correspond to the base amount of the plan;
  • Charge fees that correspond to usage-based charges (i.e. the costs associated with each billable metric), this fee can be linked to a true-up fee;
  • Add-on fees that correspond to a line item appearing in a one off invoice; and
  • Credit that correspond to line item appearing in credit notes.

Information about fees includes (but is not limited to):

  • Type;
  • Amount;
  • Currency; and
  • Taxes.

The fee object is embedded within an invoice or credit note object, making it retrievable on its own. This is illustrated below.:

  "fee": {
    "lago_id": "e7e0ee24-7ef3-4b19-8bbf-fb0e75f5c79b",
    "lago_group_id": null,
    "lago_invoice_id": "ffbafe19-2b8d-4376-9510-314566b90724",
    "lago_true_up_fee_id": null,
    "lago_true_up_parent_fee_id": null,
    "item": {
      "type": "add_on",
      "code": "test",
      "name": "Test ",
      "lago_item_id": "1e8d90cb-e305-438b-86b5-a566e97209d0",
      "item_type": "AddOn"
    "pay_in_advance": false,
    "invoiceable": true,
    "amount_cents": 10000,
    "amount_currency": "USD",
    "taxes_amount_cents": 3000,
    "taxes_rate": 30.0,
    "total_amount_cents": 13000,
    "total_amount_currency": "USD",
    "units": "1.0",
    "description": "",
    "unit_amount_cents": 10000,
    "events_count": null,
    "payment_status": "pending",
    "created_at": "2023-07-06T21:01:41Z",
    "succeeded_at": null,
    "failed_at": null,
    "refunded_at": null,
    "vat_amount_cents": 3000,
    "vat_amount_currency": "USD",
    "applied_taxes": [
        "lago_id": "3bdac336-af27-4be4-a4a5-58433f401708",
        "lago_fee_id": "e7e0ee24-7ef3-4b19-8bbf-fb0e75f5c79b",
        "lago_tax_id": "38325421-2145-4b79-bff1-d38a702afe3a",
        "tax_name": "TVA",
        "tax_code": "french_standard_vat",
        "tax_rate": 20.0,
        "tax_description": "French standard VAT",
        "amount_cents": 2000,
        "amount_currency": "USD",
        "created_at": "2023-07-06T21:01:41Z"